Pleasure craft

Sailing is an emotion. Sometimes, as a (would-be) water sports enthusiast, you lose your objective and sober view, and that can have serious financial consequences. Hommersom Lawyers helps you to keep your focus.

In Hommersom’s view an amicable solution is always preferable to an uncertain legal solution. In addition to legal proceedings, mediation is an equivalent means of resolving a dispute in which the parties have a greater say. Hommersom is a certified mediator and his skills come in useful on a regular basis to settle a nautical dispute out of court. If legal proceedings are unavoidable, Hommersom is in his element there too.

Hommersom has extensive litigation experience which has led to innovative case law, for example in the field of immaterial compensation for loss of sailing pleasure and the (circle of) liable parties in the case of (damage) claims.

Varende zeilboot pleziervaart

What can Hommersom advocatuur assist you with?


Mediation between shipyard and client in case of disagreement during construction. A lawsuit usually does not improve the relationship with the builder. As a mediator, Hommersom searches for a solution acceptable to both parties. To ensure that the boat is actually built.

Building supervision

Especially in long-term projects, it is good to have someone on your side who keeps an overview and keeps the various lines of communication with, for example, experts and the builder, short and who can also make timely adjustments if the project threatens to go off course.

Purchase & sale

Advice on drawing up and reviewing contracts and the choice of a (purchasing) expert. Many defects are difficult to determine for the layman. Hommersom also recommends that the boat is always taken out of the water before purchase and is inspected by an independent (technical) surveyor. Knowledge in advance prevents a lot of trouble afterwards!

Construction, refit & repair

(Extra) judicial assistance in disputes concerning the construction and repair of a ship and disputes from purchase and sale, both between the company and the consumer and between private individuals.


Support of the insured in a dispute with the insurer about coverage, e.g. in case of collision or other damage and explanation of policy conditions.

Over 20 years of experience with nautical issues

Hommersom Advocatuur has extensive experience in various disputes concerning pleasure craft since 2000.Therefore Hommersom Advocatuur has a great deal of highly specific nautical knowledge, in terms of both technical aspects and regulations.This proves to be essential when advising clients in disputes concerning both the purchase and sale of pleasure crafts and related water sports matters, such as repairs, a possible refit or insurance issues.

"Stuck? Hommersom Lawyers will help you get back on track."

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