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HA & Team IVA Driebergen partners in Race of the Classics 2016!

What is the Race of the Classics? The Race of the Classics is a major student sailing event known throughout Europe. About 500 students divided into 18 to 20 teams participate in this sailing race. All these students study at a university or college in the Netherlands. The sailing race has a competitive approach, with much attention paid to teamwork and networking. Because 500 students means 500 interesting networks.

The 28th edition of the Race of the Classics will take place from 4 to 10 April 2016. The ships will sail from the Rotterdam Veerhaven towards a Dutch or Belgian port. From there, the second leg to the UK mainland will be deployed, before sailing the third and final leg to IJmuiden. For more information please visit

Team IVA Driebergen. Team IVA Driebergen is participating in the Race of the Classics for the fifth time this year. The team will be about 25 strong and has been divided into several committees, namely: Planning and Purchasing, Sponsoring, Finance and PR. Using this division, the team will work as well as possible on the preparations for the coming edition so that continuity is guaranteed.

Because the students all have the same education, a close bond is created. The program consists of two pillars, namely Nautical Business Management and Automotive Business Management. The curriculum of the program consists mainly of marketing, management and sales.

Prior to the sailing race, many meetings are organized so that there is an almost weekly team update. This way all team members, committees and teachers at the IVA know what is happening and what the progress is within the team. In addition, parties are organized by other teams and the organization so that all teams can get to know each other and ideas about sponsorship can already be exchanged.

Hommersom Lawyers is proud to be part of this event that brings together team building and a competitive element to achieve the best result. This is also the way in which Hommersom Lawyers promotes the interests of its clients!

Hommersom advocaten wishes team IVA every success!


Frits Hommersom met groene bril

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