Labour law

Vrouwe Justitia beeld arbeidsrecht

As an employer you need to be aware of the latest developments in labour law. Hommersom advises on employment contracts, personnel regulations and gives support in reorganisations. All this is based on the most recent legislation and case law. Are you, as an employee, faced with imminent dismissal? Hommersom will advise you on taking the right steps towards the best result for you.

Hommersom’s long experience as a mediator will help you to find pragmatic arrangements that are beneficial to both parties. This is especially important if you want or need to maintain your relationship with the other party. Negotiation is preferred, but when that does not lead to the desired solution, Hommersom will represent your interests in court.

Vrouwe Justitia arbeidsrecht

What can Hommersom advocatuur assist you with?

Dismissal & Reorganisation

Are you, as an employee, faced with (imminent) dismissal? Hommersom will advise you on the best strategy. For example, when negotiating a settlement agreement or a transition payment, possibly supplemented with reasonable and fair compensation. Is the dismissal unjustified? Hommersom will defend you and contest the dismissal in court or with the UWV.


Is there a case of (situational) incapacity for work? Hommersom Advocatuur, as process controller, ensures that the right steps are taken and protocols are followed, all to guide the employee back into the working process in an appropriate manner.

Employment contracts

Hommersom draws up employment contracts and staff regulations/handbook or checks your current contracts against the latest legal developments and updates them.


Is there tension on the work floor, for example between employees or with the management? Many discussions have underlying emotions which can be expressed in a good conversation between the parties involved. As a mediator, Hommersom can play a facilitating role in this, whereby of course everything discussed in a mediation remains secret, so that the employees can express themselves freely in a secure environment. In this way escalation (and possibly dismissal or illness) is avoided in many cases!

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Frits is registered in the Register of Legal Practice Areas of the Dutch Bar Association as a legal practice area: employment law and general practice. Frits is thereby obliged to keep his knowledge up to date by attending training courses each year in accordance with the standards of his profession. Frits is a member of the following specialist associations.

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