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Writer’s pen 2021.

At the General Members Meeting last March, the writer’s pen was presented to Mr. Frits Hommersom. Trudy Geerlings (chairman PR & Membership Committee) and Peter Bezemer (editor of the club magazine) visited Mr. Hommersom at his office in Utrecht and presented him with the prize: the writer’s pen.

Frits has his office in a stately commercial building on the Vondellaan in Utrecht. When you enter his room you notice the bright green color. That color has become a kind of trademark, recognizable to everyone.  His website shows how he is immersed in water sports and the disputes that can arise. This includes matters relating to the purchase and sale of ships, issues relating to insurance, nautical construction, refit and repair. Frits can draw on a wealth of experience for his articles. In this club magazine there are also two articles that show this. In particular, the damage and further consequences of the ark being knocked loose after high winds on Urk is an interesting issue.

Trudy now formally presents Frits with the writer’s pen, the wording of which was included in the previous club magazine. She hands over the pen and the matching certificate. On the wall already hangs a shield from the KNMC on the occasion of a workshop ‘insurance’ in October 2019. There is also a shield from the IVA Business school in Driebergen, which also has an HBO course in Nautical Business management. The KNMC certificate will also hang there. Frits is clearly very pleased with it!

We also receive a souvenir: an ‘allemanseindje’. Many utensils were made of rope during the voyages of discovery. Just read about it. Frits Hommersom told us the story that is called a controversial theory in Wikipedia. Go read it for yourself! (

Peter Bezemer

Every year the KNMC awards the writer’s pen to writers who have contributed in a special way to written articles. For example, in the KNMC club magazine since mid 2019, interesting articles, provided with practical examples from the water sports advocacy, are shared with us. This scribe is awarded this prize of the year 2021, because with his specialization and expertise, derived from various disputes concerning pleasure craft, he manages to captivate and inform the reader. In a striking way, the reader is offered a helping hand in the field of laws and regulations, focused on water sports. This includes a wide range of nautical knowledge, technical knowledge and sailing behavior.  The writer’s pen 2021 is, with our heartfelt thanks, presented to Mr. Frits Hommersom.


Frits Hommersom met groene bril

"You have the right to a lawyer who tells it like it is!"

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