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Member Services Committee, insurance workshop

On Saturday, October 19, the Member Services Committee started the new season. This time the theme was insurance and all that comes with it.

The meeting was hosted by: Jan Kromwijk of Marnemoende Marina in IJsselstein Jan Klomp, marine insurance (KNMC member) Frits Hommersom, attorney at law in Utrecht Jan Nome, ex fire chief in Beverwijk

The meeting started with an impressive film about a fire in a boat shed in the Punt with a tragic ending, where unfortunately three firemen lost their lives by suffocation. Many boats were burned and the insurance does not always cover the damage. Again and again a fire is underestimated, this was also the case this time.
The film showed just how important fire prevention is. How quickly people act carelessly in confidence, which can cause a fire. Soon the oldest power cable is used with breaks and open pieces in it, because it is a waste to use that new power cable. A Calvinistic thought that does not fit in the context of fire prevention.

Jan Kromwijk, owner of the boat shed in IJsselstein, said that in his fire there were only losers. Not just the boat owners who had their boats in the shed but also the owner of the shed. Of the companies that burnt down, 80% go bankrupt. The impact to a business is so great that it is almost impossible to recover from it.
The main thing is to look at the terms of the policy. Not only are exclusions in the policy important, but also the permits of the warehouse owner. Fire can break out for all kinds of reasons. It is therefore of utmost importance, that your affairs are in order. Discuss the contents of the policy with your insurance agent to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. And ask what you, as the insured, need to meet to have a good insurance policy. Often this becomes clear after the fire and it is too late.

Jan Klomp, KNMC member, has been active in boat insurance for forty years and is an independent advisor. Jan Klomp also emphasizes, pay attention to your policy conditions. Your current value of the boat can be determined by appraisal. Your boat’s value is then appraised by an appraiser from the insurance company and the insured value is determined on that. Is own defects also insured? The insured sum is important.
Is winter preparation also insured? Can you do that yourself or do you need an invoice from a specialized company? Continuous travel insurance is important and must be reported three months in advance.
Is the contents of the boat also insured? How is this determined and is it also valid in the winter? Insuring your boat is a serious matter, which certainly deserves your attention to avoid disappointment. Calling in an expert is recommended. Jan Klomp has offered to mediate in this. Frits Hommersom (attorney at law), adds the so-called rescue obligation.

Pay attention to meeting the insurance conditions, in order to qualify for payment. Have insight into legal procedures of your policy. Critically reviewing the policy pays off. Can your insurance company repair your boat with used parts? New for old is an arrangement that does not always apply. Your insurance may then allow repairs with used parts. Frits Hommersom also points out the importance of winterizing. Are you not insured if you do it yourself? Are you obliged to call in a professional company. What does your policy say about this?

Are you insured against salvage costs.
If you have a breakdown en route and you authorise any towing company to tow you to a port, you are responsible for the costs. These towing costs can easily amount to € 20,000 or more. Always consult your insurance first. What does your policy say about this? At the end of the meeting, Herbert Schoenmakers thanked the speakers and offered them a KNMC shield and a skippers’ chorus CD which were accepted with thanks. It was an informative meeting of interest to all boat owners and one you should not have missed.


Frits Hommersom met groene bril

"You have the right to a lawyer who tells it like it is!"

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