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Over 20 years as a
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Hommersom is specialised in all kinds of disputes concerning pleasure craft. Therefore Hommersom Advocatuur (=lawyer) has a great deal of highly specific nautical knowledge, in terms of both technical aspects and regulations.

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Renting a boat from a private person (options, tips and rules).

Do you want to rent a boat from a private person, or share a boat with someone else? Then it's helpful to know what boat sharing platforms are out there, how it works and what to look out for. This article will give you some background on where boat sharing comes from, the legal snags that come with it, plus the different boat sharing options with all the pros and cons.


Six months ago I bought a sloop and it sank the same day. It turned out to have been neglected in maintenance, which was not visible at the time of purchase. Frits assisted me to prepare the case for the district court. In the end, due to his insight, guidance and professionalism, we were able to reach a settlement that was acceptable to us with the seller.

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I have a motor yacht on which I wanted to have a swimming platform built. The person who carried out the work not only took much longer than agreed, but also came up with an invoice that was more than twice as high as his quote. Also, the work was not done to my satisfaction. I didn’t think I should have to pay more than what was quoted and had paid. I was taken to court. Frits got the claims dismissed for the most part. After an appeal was lodged, Frits managed to reach a settlement which in fact meant that we settled the matter privately and I did not have to pay anything more. Top arrangement!

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We bought a motorboat in 2020 which turned out to have several hidden defects. Frits Hommersom assisted us in our legal battle with the seller. By acting adequately and using his specialist knowledge of buying and selling boats, Frits Hommersom made sure that we got our money back. We highly recommend Frits Hommersom if you have a dispute about the sale or purchase of your boat.

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A discussion arose with my client as a result of mediation in the purchase/sale of his motor yacht. Broadly speaking it came down to the fact that my client still owed me an amount on account of commission. My client denied that any agreements had been made and that he still owed an amount. It was a difficult issue, but Frits was able to pick out exactly the essential aspects of the case in the hearing at the cantonal court, after which the judge ordered the client to pay an amount on account of commission and also ordered him to pay the costs of the proceedings. Very well done and I am very happy with the outcome!

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You are the best and went the extra mile for us in our lawsuit!

Two thumbs up! 👍 👍!

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Our company manufactures, among other things, stabilizer systems for pleasure boats. Over the years there have been several lawsuits in which Frits Hommersom as a lawyer has represented our interests very well and we have been able to conclude these cases positively. In case a lawsuit was imminent and we threatened to be involved, he creatively managed to realize a solution outside of court.

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The classic two-master I bought was subcontracted to a company for a complete restoration/refit. Unfortunately, this yard proved unable to live up to the agreements. When the whole project went wrong I called in lawyer Hommersom to represent my interests.  Thanks to his professionalism the disputes were resolved so that we can finally enjoy a fantastic restored sailing yacht. We are very grateful to Hommersom for his sharp analyses and contributions to a solution.”

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Mr. Hommersom has been assisting Ritzenhoff BV for several years with legal advice and in legal proceedings, for example in the field of employment law. He recently advised us very adequately in setting up our AVG environment. He is always very accessible and responds quickly to questions via email.

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I had a dispute with a company about the repurchase/redemption of certificates and shares. Mr. Hommersom negotiated for me and was able to obtain a very good result, without going to court. His fees were also paid. I am very satisfied.

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Frits Hommersom assisted me, with more than full satisfaction, during a conflict with a large travel organizer.
The vacation was cancelled by Corona, but according to the tour operator there was no way of getting a refund of the very large down payment. Mr. Hommersom thought very differently about that and after his adequate intervention, I got the entire deposit back
With the next (imminent) conflict, I will certainly ask him to assist me again.

Once again, my thanks!

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