De Beurs Utrecht met groene fiets

Entrepreneurship brings with it various challenges. You undoubtedly prefer to focus on your business. Good legal preparation when setting up your company and legal advice along short lines will help you to achieve what ultimately matters: running a successful business!

Hommersom focuses on the SME sector, from drafting contracts to debt collection. Hommersom can advise you in many areas that you have to deal with as an entrepreneur. For instance, on rent issues and the legal structuring of your start-up. Furthermore, Hommersom has extensive litigation experience for those cases in which amicable settlement cannot be reached.

De beurs vooraanzicht met fiets

What can Hommersom advocatuur assist you with?

Contracts & general terms

Thorough contracts and general terms and conditions minimise risks. In your general terms and conditions, you can limit your liability with regard to your business activities. You charge the costs of collecting outstanding invoices to the other party. Various subjects can be regulated in advance in your legal relationship with your clients, so that you can focus on your commercial activities.

Debt collections

Nothing is more annoying than having to ask for your own money. That is why Hommersom Advocatuur takes care of it for you. From the first reminder, where collection costs are immediately announced in accordance with the Debt Collection Charges Act, to the summons, Hommersom Advocatuur takes the work (and the annoyance) out of your hands. Thanks to the efficient approach of Hommersom Advocatuur, collection costs are kept to a minimum.

Tenancy law

Hommersom also gives advice on tenancy law issues, both on the renting or leasing of business premises and on the renting or leasing of residential property. If necessary, Hommersom Lawyers will act on your behalf in court.

The telephone Juridical subscription

€750,00 excl. BTW p.a.

Burgerlijk wetboek met telefoon voor ondernemers

Do you recognize it? As an entrepreneur, you regularly encounter legal questions that you would like to discuss with your legal advisor. When you call a lawyer, the meter immediately starts running. Hommersom Lawyers provides legal advice by telephone throughout the year* for an amount which is normally limited and which saves you from having to make decisions which could cost you a lot of money later on! During the subscription period, a moderate rate also applies when issues arise that require (extra)judicial assistance from Hommersom Advocatuur.

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