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Suppose: your expensive built yacht deviates from the prototype or the shipyard goes bankrupt. The yacht you bought has hidden defects. The refit became 3x as expensive as agreed. Time for a water sports lawyer. An interview with Frits Hommersom. Colourful lawyer, mediator and columnist.

As a specialised water sports lawyer he has been successfully assisting Dutch and foreign private clients in disputes relating to pleasure craft since 2000. When buying or building a ship in the Netherlands, Dutch law is usually applicable and the Dutch court is competent. A legal specialist in the Netherlands in this matter, like Hommersom, is then essential.

His practice consists of providing legal assistance in disputes arising from the purchase or sale of pleasure craft (both new and used), as well as all kinds of nautical issues such as advice on insurance claims and the drafting of construction/purchase agreements, but also disputes that may arise with a shipyard on matters such as refitting, repairs or (winter) storage. Hommersom mainly represents the interests of the consumer.

Whereas the average consumer can fall back on consumer interest groups for all kinds of transactions (cars, white goods, services), there is no such representative for the water sportsman in the world of pleasure boats. In the water sports industry, (prospective) water sports enthusiasts have a poor education and representation of consumer interests. It is clear that there is a great need for good information to prevent pleasure boating from becoming unpleasant.

Hommersom meets this need by providing publications in many water sports related media, aimed at making water sports enthusiasts as well as aware of the possible risks.

With more than 20 years of experience in pleasure craft, Hommersom is very well acquainted with the ins and outs of this special world and this experience pays off (for instance with the extensive network of experts), so that the right expert can be consulted quickly and competently for every technical problem. Specific knowledge in the field of, for instance, polyester/osmosis, propulsion systems or sailing qualities of (sailing) vessels, CE or restoration of sailing monuments is essential when advising clients on their legal position.

"You are entitled to a lawyer who tells it like it is!"

Frits Hommersom

Frits Hommersom has been a lawyer since 1992 and through various offices developed a focus on the fields of employment law and the entrepreneurial practice. From 2000 onwards he expanded his expertise with the pleasure craft practice. In 2004 he founded Hommersom Advocatuur and is one of the few lawyers in the Netherlands specialized in disputes concerning the purchase and sale of pleasure boats and related nautical matters. Hommersom has a clear motto: “You are entitled to a lawyer who tells you likeit is! “

The firm’s spearheads are the above-mentioned areas of law. Over the years we have also built up a broad network through which we regularly share our knowledge and experience and, if necessary, refer our clients to experts in fields not covered by Hommersom Advocatuur. 
Frits Hommersom organizes symposia, gives regular lectures and is a guest lecturer at the IVA, nautical college.


Frits Hommersom met groene bril

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